Patrick Parnaby

Patrick Parnaby
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Phone number: 
519 824 4120 x53941
MCKN 638

policing, risk, deviant behaviour, expertise

PhD McMaster (2004)

Patrick Parnaby is an Associate Professor of sociology who studies policing, deviant behaviour, media and communications, and the social construction of risk. His most recent work examines police retirement as a form of “role exit” as well as how retirement impacts an officer’s sense of identity. Along with Dr. Ryan Broll and the Police Pensioners Association of Ontario, Dr. Parnaby is also conducting research on resilience among police retirees. Dr. Parnaby is available to supervise graduate students at the MA and PhD levels.

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Parnaby, P. (2017).  A subtle kind of certainty: Market dynamics and symbolic violence in professional financial planning.   Pragmatics and Society, 8 (1), 85-106.

Parnaby, P. & Buffone, S. (2013).  Darwin Meets the King: Blending sociology and evolutionary psychology to explain police deviance.   Canadian Review of Sociology, 50 (4), 412-429.  

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