Funded Research Projects

See select research grants for faculty in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. To learn more about a faculty member's research interests and latest work, visit their profile.

Faculty Name Select Research Grants

Ryan Broll

  • The Human Centric Cybersecurity Partnership - SSHRC Partnership Grant (Co-Investigator, 2021-2026)
  • Adult Cyber-Harassment: Breaking Down Barriers to Redress - SSHRC Insight Development Grant (Co-Investigator, 2021-2025)

Myrna Dawson

  • Developing a domestic violence prevention agenda: Learning from priorities identified in recommendations by domestic violence death reviews – SSHRC Insight Grant
  • Representing femicide in Canada: Understanding media framing of gender-related killings of women and girls – SSHRC Sub-award from other university
  • Design, measurement, and data collection for the Atlantic Domestic Homicide Review Network – Women and Gender Equality Canada/Women's Equality Branch New Brunswick

Karine Gagné

  • Decolonizing climate knowledge: an ethnographic study of travel and mobility in the Indian Himalayas in an era of climate change - SSHRC Insight Grant (Principal Investigator, 2019-2025)
  • Domesticating Wildness: snow leopard conservation in the Himalayan Anthropocene - SSHRC Insight Development Grant (Principal Investigator, 2022-2025)
  • Coping with Infrastructural Curves: Marginalized Citizens Challenging State Plans in India and Vietnam - SSHRC Insight Grant (Co- Investigator, 2021-2026)

Mervyn Horgan

  • Rental Experience Project: centering renters' experiences in a hot housing market – SSHRC Insight Grant (Principal Investigator, 2023-2028)
  • Sociable Cities: informal infrastructures of everyday urban convivialities – SSHRC Insight Grant (Principal Investigator, 2018-2024)
  • Improvising Futures – SSHRC Partnership Grant (Co-Investigator, 2022-2027)
  • plazaPOPS 2.0 - Establishing a permanent and sustainable city-wide program - SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (Co-Investigator, 2022-2025)
Jasmin Hristov
  • Land Violence, Security, and Development in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. (Insight Grant, SSHRC 2021-2026)

Satsuki Kawano

  • Accommodating Students with Disabilities – SSHRC Insight Development Grant
Saara Liinamaa
  • Sociable Cities: informal infrastructures of everyday urban convivialities – SSHRC Insight Grant

Tad McIlwraith

  • Resources that Flow: Indigenous Perspective – SSHRC Insight Development Grant – Exchange Grant
Erin Nelson
  • Social Networks for Healthy Soils - Ontario Agrifood Innovation Alliance Tier 1 Research (Principal Investigator, 2019-2025)
  • Advancing Gender Inclusion in Agricultural Science in Haiti and Cuba - International Development Research Centre Gender in STEM Program (Co-Lead Investigator, 2022-2025)
  • Food, Learning and Growing Partnership: Seeding Sustainability Transformation (FLOW) - SSHRC Partnership Grant (Co-Investigator, 2023-2030)
  • Fostering sustainable agriculture as the foundation of a resilient and thriving food system in the Northwest Territories through co-created action and research - NSERC Alliance Grant (Co-Investigator, 2024-2028)

Bill O'Grady

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Hidden Homeless – Rural Ontario Institute

Patrick Parnaby

  • Understanding the Shift: Police Retirees in Ontario – SSHRC Insight Development Grant – Exchange Grant

Sharada Srinivasan

  • Becoming a Young Farmer – SSHRC Insight Development Grant
  • Contribution of Adult Daughters & Sons – SSHRC Insight Development Grant
Travis Steffens
  • Modelling Occupancy of an Endangered Lemur Species Community — CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund

Jeji Varghese

  • Exploring Distinct Indigenous Knowledge Systems – SSHRC Sub-award from other university

David Walters

  • Transitions of Marginalized Youth in Ontario – SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Carolyn Yule

  • Who Drives Bail Outcomes? – SSHRC Institutional Grant