Sociology MA Handbook

This handbook was updated in September 2018.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and the master's program in Sociology. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology is well established and has been offering an MA degree in Sociology since 1967. To date, over 500 students have been granted the degree. Their research has focused on a range of topics representing the breadth of the sociological spectrum. Our MA program provides students with the opportunity to become actively engaged in research, teaching and professional practice, and offers students the flexibility to identify an area of research and scholarly inquiry that they can pursue with passion and commitment. Part of this flexibility stems from our faculty who have expertise in a wide variety of topics.

Since 2008, the department offers a PhD program in Sociology, and many students who complete their MA degree in Sociology elect to continue into the PhD program. The department also offers an MA program in Public Issues Anthropology (PIA) and an MA program in Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCJP) (jointly with the Department of Political Science). In addition, the department participates in the collaborative MA and PhD programs in International Development Studies (IDS).

In offering you a position in the program, we, as a department, are confident that you have the aptitude, skills, and ambition to succeed, and we will make every effort to support you in your journey through the program. Your success also greatly depends on your efforts.

This handbook is intended to assist you in orienting yourself within the department and in planning your route map for the MA program. It further details the general policies and procedures presented in the Graduate Calendar, and, in some instances, identifies additional departmental policies authorized by the Graduate Calendar. It also offers informal tips and strategies to complete the program in a timely manner.

When you arrive, you should report to the Graduate Program Assistant and the Sociology Graduate Coordinator who will assist you with your first semester registration. Registration takes place through WebAdvisor. To check the schedule of dates as to when registration and payment of fees is required, please visit the schedule of dates.

To activate your registration for each semester, you must use the following number: UNIV*7510 Active Full-time Registration. You must register for at least one course; if you have completed your courses, register for UNIV*7500 Research/Writing or SOC*6660 Major Paper. You are allowed to register for your courses until the end of the “add” period. For complete information on the registration process, please visit the registrarial services website.

There are several options for the payment of fees. Please visit the student financial services website to see more.

The fee schedule is found on WebAdvisor. Graduate students also have the option of having their Graduate Teaching Assistantship salary applied towards their tuition. If you opt for payroll deduction, it is your responsibility to select this settlement option in the "Graduate Settlement" menu in WebAdvisor by the published settlement date.

Graduate students must maintain continuous registration or receive permission for a leave of absence. The leave of absence must be for a specified period of time, not to exceed one year, and must be approved by the department and by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Students must submit an Application for Leave of Absence and Withdrawal form, which is available from the Graduate Program Assistant or on the graduate and postdoctoral studies website.

While on leave of absence, you may not function as a graduate student, including all research/writing activity and completion of any incomplete courses, and may not make use of university resources, either personnel or physical in connection with your graduate program. You are expected to check your university e-mail account on a regular basis for important notices.