Public Issues Anthropology MA Handbook

This handbook was updated on June 22, 2021.

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Guelph! The department was formed in 1966, and is currently home to 4 graduate programs: the Public Issues Anthropology MA, the Sociology MA, the Criminology MA, and the Sociology PhD. The Department also participates in the collaborative MA and PhD programs in International Development Studies (IDS) and One Health.

The Public Issues Anthropology MA at the University of Guelph was approved in December 2012. Prior to this, the Department participated in a joint Public Issues MA with the University of Waterloo.

Getting Started

The material in this handbook is intended to complement and detail the general policies and procedures presented in the Calendar of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Guelph.

While Departmental regulations do not contravene these policies, in some instances they go beyond those of the Graduate Calendar which authorizes such Departmental policies; they also specify procedures stated in more general terms in the Calendar.

All new students must read the current Calendar AND this Handbook and ensure they understand the contained policies and procedures.