Anthropology BA


Explore human cultures and societies, and non-human primates lives — past and present. Learn how biology and culture shape our capacity to adapt. Develop understandings of global environmental, Indigenous, health and well-being, and social movement issues. Graduate with a deeper understanding of global cultures and what it means to be human.

Why Study Anthropology at the University of Guelph?



Learn how to critically analyze human behaviour and cultural patterns from an anthropological perspective, leading to a better understanding of modern societal problems. Apply learnings to address contemporary and historical, social and global issues.

Benefit from a faculty with a wide range of geographical expertise including conducting research in countries such as India, Paraguay, South Africa, Japan, Cuba and Madagascar.

Explore diverse contemporary questions within Canadian and international contexts, including environment, resource use, food, Indigenous issues, health and well-being and social movements in developing countries.

Join the student-led SOAN Society — an academic and social club that creates, advertises, and hosts events and activities that bring awareness to various sociological and anthropological topics. Make connections with other students and professors through 'Meet the Prof' nights, information sessions and other activities.


Where Will Your Degree Take You?

Develop critical and creative thinking skills, learning to analyze and evaluate information and issues. Understand the value of quantitative and qualitative research and their application in problem-solving. Gain a solid foundation of learning that will be beneficial no matter the career path that you choose.

  • Archaeologist
  • Community Development Worker
  • Conservationist
  • Educator
  • Foreign Aid Worker
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Health Promotion
  • Medical Anthropologist
  • Museum Curator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Social Worker


"The anthropology program allowed me to explore a lot of issues through an interdisciplinary lens. I am now better able to appreciate diverse perspectives, which is an important skill to have in any future career."
— Jordan Daniels, Anthropology Student


Part of a Bigger Family

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers three types of anthropology degree — a major, a minor and as an area of concentration within the general BA.

Courses are broken into anthropology specific courses and departmental courses which have application across both disciplines of anthropology and sociology.

  • Culture, Rights and Development
  • Contemporary Indigenous Peoples in Canada
  • Kinship, Family and Power
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Regional Ethnography
  • Public Anthropology
  • Topics in the Anthropology of Health

Choose a Co-op Option for Real-World Experience

The co-op program gives you the opportunity to gain relevant work experience, build professional networks and develop essential interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace, all while getting paid and earning your university degree.

The anthropology co-op program includes four co-op work terms in addition to eight academic semesters, for a total of four and a half years of study at the University of Guelph.

Meet Your Professor

Benefit from the expertise and individual attention of your instructors. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology faculty is comprised of acclaimed researchers and teachers who pride themselves on being available to you.


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Start the application process and explore options for funding your education.

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