Undergraduate Course Information

Winter 2022

Program restrictions have been removed from the following courses:

  • ANTH*1150
  • SOC*1100
  • SOC*1500
  • SOC*2070
  • SOC*2700
  • SOC*2760*DE
  • SOC*3710
  • SOC*3740
  • SOC*3750


Attention Anthropology Students:

Last year, ANTH*2180 replaced ANTH*2160 as a required course for the Anthropology Major, Minor and Area of Concentration. ANTH*2180 is the new required course for an Anthropology degree. Students must therefore now enrol in ANTH*2180 instead of ANTH*2160 to meet degree program requirements.

If you have already completed ANTH*2160, this course will count towards your degree requirements. You are not required to take ANTH*2180.


Types of Courses

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers three types of courses:

  • Sociology courses with the prefix SOC*
  • Anthropology courses with the prefix ANTH*
  • Departmental courses with the prefix SOAN*

SOAN courses will be used towards the Sociology specializations.

When Courses are Offered

Courses will normally be offered in the semesters designated. Please contact the department for more information on when courses will be offered.

Independent Study

In addition to regularly scheduled courses, students may elect to do independent study. A student who wishes to do a reading course should first consult the professor with whom he/she wishes to work. Note: a student is allowed a total of 1.00 credits only for reading courses.

Seminar Courses

The availability of third and fourth year seminar courses will vary. Please contact the department for more information on when seminar courses will be offered.

Sociology Majors and Minors

  • Classical Theory SOAN*2111/2112 is a year long required course taken in second year as a prerequisite for all third year SOC courses.
  • Introductory Methods SOAN*2120 is a required course and fills up quickly. There are TWO sections of the course offered in the Fall Semester and ONLY ONE section of the course offered in the Winter Semester. If it is possible to fit the course into your Fall schedule, you are strongly advised to do so in order to ensure enrolment in the course.

Course Selection Policies

The undergraduate faculty advisors in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology are available to see you during the many office hours we offer during course selection and add periods.

It is expected that you will consult these policies prior to contacting a faculty advisor. These policies are firm.

Prerequisites ensure that students have the appropriate background and preparation for the course. Faculty advisors cannot and will not sign prerequisite waivers.

In highly exceptional circumstances, the course instructor (not the faculty advisor) may be willing to grant a course prerequisite waiver.

If the instructor is TBA, the student must wait and consult the instructor of the course at the beginning of the semester.

Faculty advisors will not sign an overload waiver to allow a student into a course which has enrolment figures that have reached room capacity.

Overriding room capacity violates occupational health and safety laws and fire regulations.

If a student has an exceptional circumstance, the instructor of the course considers the case. Please note that most fourth-year seminar courses do enforce a strict policy against overloads and are capped at 30 students.

During course selection/add periods, students are able to sign into courses on specific days. Due to a fairness consideration for students currently in Sociology, Anthropology or CJPP programs (major, minor or area of concentration), we do not waive the course restriction for students in the process of transferring into our programs.

In other words, students already in the program (their paperwork has been processed and they are able to sign into courses through WebAdvisor) have priority over students who are intending to transfer or are in the process of transferring. Course selection continues for a few weeks and the paperwork may be processed before the end of course selection.

Course restrictions may be removed from some courses toward the end of course selection. If your paperwork is not processed during a particular course selection/add period, the paperwork will be processed by the time of the next course selection/add period.

An exception to this policy is that, on the last day of each course selection/add period, instructors may waive the course restriction (if the student has the prerequisites for the course and is in the process of transferring but paperwork has not been processed yet) because by the last day of each course selection/add period all students currently enrolled in SOC, ANTH or CJPP programs will have had an opportunity to add courses.