Financial Support

The Department makes every effort to provide financial support for graduate students. Normally, this takes the form of graduate teaching assistantships or, occasionally, graduate research assistantships.

It is an exception to have any financial support during the Spring Term, which runs from May to August. You will generally have to make alternative plans for financial support during the summer, unless upon admission, you have been guaranteed this support.

If you are planning not to study during the summer, you must apply for a Leave of Absence from the program.

University/College Scholarships and Awards

Information on scholarships and awards

Students may concurrently hold a University Graduate Scholarship, a Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarship, a College of Social Science Founders Scholarship, Student Financial Services Bursaries, and Registrar's Entrance Awards.

The College also regularly offers travel scholarships for research travel. You will be notified when the scholarship deadlines are announced.

External Funding

Students are also encouraged to investigate opportunities for external funding such as the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) special MA Scholarships, and Canadian International Development Agency Scholarships.

Information on these and other scholarships and fellowships can be found on the web or Sharon Beach, Scholarships and Awards in Student Financial Services, 3rd floor, UC.

The Department will notify students of the annual deadlines for SSHRC and OGS applications. The Department also holds an annual Fall workshop on applying for external funding. You will be notified well in advance of the time/place of this workshop each year.

To determine eligibility for nomination for awards and to encourage equity in their distribution, the Department requires graduate students to notify the Department Graduate Office and present documentation of any external bursaries or awards received while in the program.

Departmental Awards

Wilda Blacklock Award

An award of $2,000 will be made each Spring semester to the most deserving graduate student on the basis of academic performance in the Sociology and Anthropology graduate program, performance of other graduate student responsibilities and, where decisive, need. Application is not necessary.

Joanne Duncan-Robinson Conference Research Travel Grant

This is a $1,000 award and is intended to provide at least partial funding for a graduate student in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology who has had a paper accepted for presentation at a scholarly conference. Students must apply in writing to the Graduate Coordinator (Departmental) by April 1.

The Kim Prize

This award is in memory of the late Sook-Hee, a former MA student in our Department, and her two children who were killed in an automobile accident. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers a $600.00 prize to the individual student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology who has presented the most outstanding graduate thesis or major paper during the previous academic year. Application is not necessary.

Koji Victor Ujimoto Graduate Scholarship

This is a $750.00 graduate scholarship to encourage applied research on topics of pressing Canadian or global social concern. The award winner will be chosen on the basis of a minimum 80% cumulative average in all graduate courses taken and the quality of his/her major paper or thesis proposal, which must address a contemporary social problem through the application of a Sociological and/or Anthropological perspective. Students should apply to the Graduate Coordinator of the department by March 31, including an outline of their major paper or thesis proposal and the name of their advisor.

Please note that award amounts and availability are subject to change and are reviewed on a year-to-year basis.