Appendix II: PhD Graduate Program Administrative Forms




Each semester - check schedule of dates online on the Schedule of Dates website.

You must register for UNIV*7510, Full-time Registration each semester.

Tuition fees

Check your account on Web Advisor.

The Authorization for Settlement form must be submitted by the deadline date or you will be charged.

Decision to add/delete courses

Use Web Advisor to delete/add courses, or Paper form - the Course Add/Drop and Change Form which can be found on the Forms and Documents website.

GTA contract

You accept your GTA contract online. You should submit your Assignment of Work Agreement (outlining your TA duties) early in the semester of your designated GTA. Submit your GTA contract and signed appointment form within 7 days from the beginning of your employment. Graduate Program Assistant sends these out with GTA assignments.

Tracking of Hours

GTAs should keep a record of their time and inform instructor if time substantially deviates from Work Agreement.

Choosing your Advisor and Advisory Committee

You should form your Advisory Committee early in your second active semester. An Advisory Committee form and a Degree Program Form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant to forward to the Office of Graduate Studies for processing before the student’s third active semester. The Advisory Committee form and a Degree Program Form can be found on the Forms and Documents website.

Qualifying Examination (QE)

You should form your QE Committee by end of your second active semester. The Qualifying Examination Committee Appointment Form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant before the PhD Qualifying Examination “Contextual Statement and Reading List” Approval Form is submitted along with a copy of the final approved statement and reading list.

Dissertation Proposal

Approval of your dissertation proposal is documented in the Proposal Approval Form by the start of the summer semester of your second year (i.e., S6). A copy of your approved proposal must be attached to the signed Research Proposal Approval form and submitted electronically to the Graduate Program Assistant before it is signed by the Graduate Coordinator.

Dissertation Defense

Review completion information on the OGPS website.

Examination Request Form must be completed. Department Chair and Advisor set up the final defense.

Department Chair contacts External Examiner and provides a covering letter, defense copy of dissertation, and external examiners report form to External at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled defense date.

Chair sends copy of external examiner’s report to examination committee and student 1 week prior to scheduled defense.

Ready to Graduate

Check Schedule of Dates website for last day to apply to graduate. Must also get library clearance.