Undergraduate Course Information

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers three types of courses: sociology courses with the prefix SOC*; anthropology courses with the prefix ANTH*; and departmental courses with the prefix SOAN*.

Courses will normally be offered in the semesters designated. For information on other semesters these courses will be offered and the semesters those courses without designations will be offered, please check with the department. In addition to regularly scheduled courses, students may elect to do independent study. A student who wishes to do a reading course should first consult the professor with whom he/she wishes to work. Please note: a student is allowed a total of 1.00 credits only for reading courses.

SOAN courses will be used towards the Sociology specializations.

Please note: The availability of third and fourth year seminar courses will vary. Students must check with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology to see when seminar courses are available. 

Attention Sociology Majors and Minors:
  • Classical Theory SOAN*2111/2112 is a year long required course taken in second year as a prerequisite for all third year SOC courses. 
  • Introductory Methods SOAN*2120 is a required course and fills up quickly. There are TWO sections of the course offered in the Fall Semester and ONLY ONE section of the course offered in the Winter Semester. If it is possible to fit the course into your Fall schedule, you are strongly advised to do so in order to ensure enrolment in the course.  

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