Appendix I: Graduate Grade Schedule and Grade Interpretation

Grades Schedule

In courses which comprise a part of the student's program, standings will be reported according to the following schedule of grades:

  • A+ 90-100%
  • A 85-89
  • A- 80-84
  • B+ 77-79
  • B 73-76
  • B- 70-72
  • C+ 67-69
  • C 65-66
  • F 0-64

Grade Interpretation

Percentage Grade Letter Grade Description
90-100 A+ Outstanding. The student demonstrated a mastery of the course material at a level of performance exceeding that of most scholarship students and warranting consideration for a graduation award.
80-89 A- to A Very Good to Excellent. The student demonstrated a very good understanding of the material at a level of performance warranting scholarship consideration.
70-79 B Acceptable to Good. The student demonstrated an adequate to good understanding of the course material at a level of performance sufficient to complete the program of study
65-69 C Minimally Acceptable. The student demonstrated an understanding of the material sufficient to pass the course but at a level of performance lower than expected from continuing graduate students.
0-64 F An inadequate performance.

A graduate student who receives a grade of less than 65 percent in any course (graduate or undergraduate, prescribed or additional) is deemed to have failed the course. The advisory committee must then take action. A student may not register for any course they have previously passed unless the course is a varying content course (such as a Special Topics course) or unless so directed by the Admissions and Progress Committee of the Board of Graduate Studies.