Staying Connected: On-Campus Work and Support Services

There are several facilities on campus to help graduate students complete their work while staying connected to the department and to their colleagues in the program and across campus.

Work Space Options

There are several facilities reserved on campus especially for graduate students.

Graduate students are provided access to working space in Blackwood Hall.

Graduate students may apply for a research carrel in the McLaughlin Library. This space includes a desk and a locker for books.

Graduate students may apply for an office in the McLaughlin Library for one semester during their program. Many students pursue this workspace option when they are researching and writing their dissertation. These offices are single occupancy.

The McLaughlin Library is an ideal place to study, and each floor has dedicated study areas. Food and drinks are permitted in all study areas within the library.

Graduate students who are required to meet with undergraduate students as part of their teaching assistant duties are provided with access to an office in the MacKinnon building for this purpose.

Departmental Communication

Graduate students are assigned a mailbox in the departmental main office, which should be checked regularly.

Graduate students are assigned a Guelph e-mail account and password which enables them to access CourseLink, a key resource tool for all graduate students.

Computer Access

This lab, located in the department, is reserved for graduate students who are registered in programs in the department.

There are many desktop computers available for student use in the McLaughlin Library. Students may also borrow laptops, available through the Circulation Desk in the library. Students who have a laptop with a wireless connection can access the internet on their own computer from within the library and most other buildings on campus.

Computing Assistance

CCS provides a variety of technical support services as well as access to a wide range of statistical, word-processing and other computer applications. Please visit the Computing and Communication Services website for more information.

Computer technical support and statistical consulting are also available from the departmental Computer Technician, who is located in MacKinnon 631.

Library, Teaching and Research Assistance

Librarians are experts in strategies for accessing materials, and can thus play an essential role in skills development for graduate students. It is highly recommended that students utilize the librarians at the reference desk in the McLaughlin Library when navigating the University of Guelph library system.

Located at the back left of the first floor of the McLaughlin Library, the Learning Commons offers a range of workshops, pamphlets and other services. Please visit the Learning Commons page for further information.

The GSLI is a collaborative endeavour that brings together key campus services that support academic and professional skill development for graduate students as learners, researchers, instructors and professionals. Please visit the Grad Pathways page for more information.

U of G students, faculty and staff have free access to all training modules available through, a LinkedIn associated video-based training library.

The University of Guelph subscribes to an impressive variety of services that allow graduate students to access a tremendous number of journals online. These journals are also accessible to students off campus.

The University of Guelph’s library resources are shared with the University of Waterloo Library and the Wilfrid Laurier University Library, which together form the Tri-University Group of Libraries (TUG). When students wish to access books shelved at Waterloo or Laurier, they must complete an online request. Books are usually delivered to the McLaughlin Library within two days.

Teaching Support Services, which is located in Day Hall, provides classroom technical support, learning technologies and courseware Innovation; educational development. OpenEd also has a teaching resource centre, videoconference facility, and learning technology lab. Please visit Open Ed website for more information.


Graduate students may choose to study or conduct research abroad. It is very important that students be adequately prepared for the experience.

The Centre for International Programs (CIP) offers many services to students travelling abroad. Students are encouraged to visit the CIP website and familiarize themselves with the University of Guelph Safe International Travel Policy for Students. Please visit the Centre for International Programs website for further information.

Career Services

Career Services offers help for those looking for jobs. Please visit the Co-operative Education & Career Services website for more information.


Information on housing is available on the Student Housing Services website.

Services for Work, Well-being and Leisure

The campus boasts health and counselling services, athletic facilities, and daycare services. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of these services. Further information is available on the Student Wellness website.

The Fifth: GSA Rooftop Patio and Lounge, a restaurant and bar owned and operated by the Graduate Students’ Association, provides a focal point for social and cultural activities for graduate students. Located on the fifth floor of the University Centre, The Fifth serves food and drinks at reasonable prices.

Occasionally, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology organizes social gatherings for graduate students, staff and faculty. There are also several informal gatherings of graduate students throughout the year.